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KIBO Celebrates 100th day of School at Yavneh Academy

Contributed by: Chani Lichtiger, Director of Technology & Curriculum Design Innovator and Mrs. Laurie Beckerman, First-grade Teacher, Yavneh Academy, NJ, http://www.yavnehacademy.org/

KIBO Celebrates 100th day of School at Yavneh Academy

First Graders at Yavneh Academy, in Paramus, New Jersey, celebrate the 100th Day of School with KIBO!

Not only were the students excited for the 100th day of school, but so were our KIBO robots! During the week of the 100th day of school, our engineering design challenge was to program the KIBOs to dance a happy dance and make their way down a path to Yavneh Academy to celebrate with our school mascot – the Redhawk!

New programming options were introduced for this experience. The students learned about repeats, loops, and parameters; as well as new vocabulary, as we discussed destination icons. Working in teams, the students selected their favorite ways to make 100 and wrote their math equations on KIBO’s new expression modules! It was amazing to watch the teamwork in action, as the students created complex sequences with the blocks. Each KIBO danced with varying styles, and it was a magical sight to watch the children cheer on the robots as they partied all the way to Yavneh! 100th day of school – here we come!

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