KIBO Cards – Conditionals with Sensors

KIBO Cards – Conditionals with Sensors

KIBO offers advanced coding options, included IF/THEN conditional commands, as well as REPEAT commands. IF/THEN Commands offer allow KIBO to make choices based on what it can sense, just like you can! Try these activities to see how it works:

“Scared of the Dark”
Your KIBO loves to play during the day but is afraid of the dark at night. Using a flashlight, use KIBO’s IF/THEN programming blocks, and IF Statement cards, make your KIBO play if it is bright, or act scared if it is dark, when using its Light (eye) Sensor.

“Your KIBO Pet”
Your KIBO friend gets excited when you are near! Use the IF/THEN programming blocks and IF Statement cards to make your KIBO excited if you are near, or sad if you are far away, when using the Distance (telescope) Sensor.

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