KIBO Cards – Art Light and Sound

KIBO Cards – Art Light and Sound

In these KIBO activity cards, we delve into KIBOs Art Platforms, how to use its Lightbulb and how KIBO makes sounds.

KIBO has Art Platforms!
KIBO is designed to incorporate all kinds of art, craft and recycles materials. KIBO’s art platfoms lets kids turn KIBO into anything they want!

KIBO can Turn on its Lightbulb!
With KIBOs Lightbulb output sensor, kids can code their KIBO to use different colors within their programming sequence. Us it to guide KIBO out of a dark tunnel!

KIBO Makes Sounds!
Try using BEEP and SING programming blocks, KIBO can sing and beep! Bring your program to life with sound!

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