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Introducing KIBO to 2nd Graders

Contributed by: Sandy Bader, Technology Integrator, Susie C. Altmayer Elementary School, De Pere, Wisconsin, http://www.depere.k12.wi.us/altmayer

Introducing KIBO to 2nd Graders

I used the KIBO to introduce second graders to coding concepts. We started with a discussion about the features of robots, then I introduced KIBO to them and we talked about how it is a robot. Initially, I only gave them the movement, sound, light and wait for clap blocks and allowed them to become familiar with creating “programs” to control KIBO.

On the second day, I introduced the REPEAT block, first with the numbers, then gave them to UNTIL NEAR and UNTIL LIGHT tiles (along with flashlights) and related to how we are constantly using repeat-until logic in real life.

On day 3, I handed out the IF block and the tiles that go with that. Finally, we got into the nested IF inside the REPEAT loop. Students had challenges along the way – make a square, make a zigzag, make a crazy car that looks like it bounces off the walls and backs up and spins when it encounters an obstacle, make a school bus that stops each time you shine your light and continues on its way when you clap, etc. Students loved working with the KIBOs and were able to grasp these coding and logic concepts as well as a good dose of teamwork and perseverance!

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