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Integration of Robotics and Coding with Global Exploration

Contributed by: Science Akademeia - The Atlanta Preschool of Science, https://www.satapos.com/

This video shows the preschoolers from Science Akademeia – The Atlanta Preschool of Science researching the African Continent. The preschoolers explored the art and culture of the Ndebele people of Southern Africa. They made Ndebele dolls and drums, coded a dance sequence using KIBO by Kinderlab Robotics, and played drums to accompanied the movement of the dance.

This geography lesson pulls in coding and robotics, arts, crafts, design, music and more! Such a creative way to integrate KIBO into the classroom!

Science Akademeia – The Atlanta Preschool of Science offers The Seeds of STEM curriculum which integrates science concepts with engineering practices and supports the development of STEM foundational skills. Throughout the process, the children share their work (ideas, plans, and prototypes) with their peers. This process introduces children to the early concepts of the engineering design process.

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