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Integrating Literacy and Science with KIBO

Contributed by: Kennedy-Longfellow Elementary School, Cambridge, MA

This project was a collaboration between the DevTech Research Group and Lesley University. They teamed up to share KIBO with the kindergarten though second grade students at Kennedy-Longfellow Elementary in Cambridge, MA. They learned about KIBO, its parts, how to scan and code with KIBO, and integrating coding within the curriculum.

  • When reading “Brown Bear, Brwon Bear, What do you See?” the kindergarters recreated the story with their KIBOs, including decorating their robots as characters from the book.
  • The first graders incorporated KIBO into their Science Curriculum when they used KIBO to learn about the life cycles of frogs and butterflies.
  • The second graders used KIBO to explore the movement of worms in their environment.

Watch to learn with their playful coding and engineering.

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