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Going on a Bear Hunt – with KIBO!

Contributed by: Marsha Odell, Children's Computer Corner, http://www.childrenscomputercorner.com

During the month of August, we completed our last week-long KIBO Robotics Camp here in Washington state. We used the children’s book “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” as our theme for the week. The children mapped out the road to the bear cave on a long strip of white banner paper. We then colored in The River, The Forest, The SnowStorm. We used the Expression module for each team to make a picture of their “person” going on the bear hunt. Children then coded their KIBO robot to navigate through the road. We used the KIBO’s Sound Recorder/Playback Module to record the children saying:

1) “Oh, no! Can’t go over it; can’t go under it… Gotta go through it!” (Repeat 4 times as KIBO went up to and through the River, Forest, Snow Storm)
2) “Oh, no! It’s a BEAR!!” (As they reached the bear cave and we uncovered the bear cave to reveal a Teddy Bear.)
3) “We’re not going on a bear hunt again!!” (After KIBO reverses back to where he began, crashing into a long body pillow using the Distance Sensor on the back portal.)


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