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Maps, Measurement, and Make-Believe! Floor Map Activities for KIBO

Activities, Curriculum Units

KIBO Zoo – An Intro to Creative Robotics & Programming in K–2

This 6-8 hour animal themed introductory curriculum is designed to help teachers get started with KIBO.

Activities, Curriculum Units

Teaching Stories through Robotics

With this curriculum, students read the story of the “3 Little Pigs” and learn to program KIBO, through the retelling of the story.

Activities, Curriculum Units

Dino Buddy KIBO Curriculum

In this 20-hour cross-curricular KIBO curriculum young learners learn about dinosaurs through robotics and programming!

Activities, Curriculum Units

No KIBO? No Problem! Guide

The “No KIBO? No Problem” Guide is a collection of engaging STEAM activities you can do with your kids without a KIBO robot kit!

Activities, Curriculum Units

The Engineering Design Process

This Process structures student work in hands-on STEAM projects. ASK, IMAGINE, PLAN, CREATE, TEST & IMPROVE, and SHARE. Try it today!

Activities, Curriculum Units

KIBO Expression Module Literacy Activities

These activities are designed for students to practice reading and writing using KIBO’s Expression Module.

Activities, Curriculum Units

Dances from Around the World

In this curriculum, students select a cultural dance of their choice, decorate their KIBO robot as a dancer, and then program KIBO to dance.

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“Who Am I?” KIBO Curriculum

The “Who Am I?” curriculum integrates identity, culture, and diversity with fundamental engineering and programming concepts.

Activities, Curriculum Units

Where the Wild Things Are

Inspired by the book Where the Wild Things Are, this curriculum incorporates literacy and robotics as KIBO acts out the “wild rumpus” scene.