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KIBO Repair Service


Does your KIBO need some repair? Is it outside of the 6-month warranty? We are here to help! Please reach out to our support team about the issue you are experiencing. After the discussion, and if the support representative has asked you to return your KIBO for our paid repair service, please add this service to your cart.



Does your KIBO need some repair? We are here to help! Add this service to your cart at the request of our support representatives. If you are having trouble with your KIBO, please reach out to us at prior to your order.

If the support representative asked you to return your KIBO for our paid repair service, then please follow this procedure:

  • Add this repair service item to your shopping cart and purchase it. Be sure to provide your shipping address during the checkout process.
  • Package up just your KIBO body and send it to us at KinderLab Robotics, 7 Sun St., Waltham MA 02453 (USA). (You don’t need to include the sensors, wheels, blocks, etc, just the body of the KIBO.)
  • In your package, please include a copy of the order confirmation for the repair service, or other note identifying yourself, so we’ll know who to send the KIBO back to.
  • We will repair your KIBO and return it to the shipping address you provided. We will cover the cost of the return shipping for domestic repairs. Overseas repairs may require a shipping surcharge and you will be responsible to pay customs duties or taxes in your country.

Please contact with any questions.