Just imagine what KIBO can be! A bowling ball? A dancer? A parade float? A dragon? See KIBO in Action!

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If you need any other help getting started with KIBO, please contact us!

Help me get up and running! >

Learn More About KIBO

We want to get you started on the right foot when you open up your new KIBO robot kit. Below you will find resources, professional development, curriculum ideas, technical support and more!

KIBO Resources

We have so many resources available to get you started on your KIBO journey, including:

  • Complete standards-aligned lesson plans and ideas
  • Peer-submitted classroom stories
  • Tutorial videos to learn KIBO skills
  • Curriculum and more!

This is the place where educators share their creative ideas!

Professional Development

The place to start! Ensure you receive the proper KIBO training for your specific classroom needs:

  • Hands-on experiences for individual or groups
  • Workshops
  • Online Training
  • Advice and ideas

Get the right training so your little learners can get started right away!

Technical Support

Have a question or issue when using KIBO? We can help you get going again in no time:

  • Battery questions
  • Learn more about scanning and programming
  • Interested in the KIBO Warranty
  • General questions or issues

We are always a phone call or email away should you need anything at all.

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