Goddard School Franchises - Meet KIBO!

KIBO, the creative, playful robot kit, is the approved STEM robot for The Goddard School®. Join the other franchises that have brought screen-free coding to their school, in activity centers and in whole-class activities.

KIBO is for Your PreK Classroom Your Preschool Classroom Your Get Set Classroom Everyone!

More than just a STEM program, KIBO is as an open platform where students can envision and create their own robot. With art and engineering, students transform KIBO into imagined animals, vehicles, storybook characters, and more. KIBO is a perfect fit for Summer with Goddard, and KIBO activities are even integrated with Life Lessons Library books!

“Whole Class” Package

A complete solution! If you want the flexibility to engage a whole class in small-group work with robotics in afterschool and summer programs, while also providing activity time and group work in your regular classrooms, the “Whole Class” package has everything you need, with 5 KIBO 21 robots, curriculum, and training. 

Learn more about the discounted “Whole Class Package” and why it might be the right solution for your center!

“Center Time” KIBO 21 Essentials Package

If you’re looking to start smaller, the “Center Time” KIBO 21 package includes 2 of KIBO 21 robots, enabling your school to implement a KIBO Robotics materials center in one Pre-K, Preschool, or even Get Set classroom at a time. Curriculum and training are still included.

Ger started with the “Center Time” KIBO 21 Essentials Package with our top of the line KIBO 21 model for your classroom!

“Center Time” KIBO 10 Essentials Package

The simplest package, the KIBO 10 version of the “Center Time” package includes 2 KIBO 10 robots, enabling your school to begin a KIBO Robotics materials center in one Pre-K, Preschool, or even Get Set classroom at a time with two robots. This package provides fewer add-ons than the KIBO 21 center time package, but still offers a great introduction to STEM and creative robotics.

This discounted package can get you started with our base model!

“Center Time” Expanded Activities Package

After your initial purchase of KIBO, you can enhance your KIBO experience with the “Center Time” Goddard Essentials Package! The Expanded Activities Package includes 2 sets of playful extension sets which provide your students with a wide range of new experiences in their KIBO activity center. 

Bring on the fun with the creative extension sets that throw, draw, make sounds and even build upon with Legos!