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Posted By Marina Umaschi Bers On May 7, 2015

KIBO takes on the Cambridge Science Festival

Being based in Massachusetts has loads of benefits. Certainly not the least of which is all of the great tech events surrounding us. Last week, KIBO ‘took curiosity to the next level’ at the 2015 Cambridge Science Festival.

The week-long event is the first of its kind in the U.S. and brings together many STEM leaders. Its aim is to make STEM accessible, interactive and fun for all ages – a mission we share over here at KinderLab Robotics.

We were thrilled our developmentally appropriate robot kit could be a part of it. KIBO was available for open-ended play during Digital Play Day – held at the MIT Museum.

It was a fantastic day. We connected with nearly 200 ed tech enthusiasts, children, parents and teachers and saw a lot of excitement for programming, robotics and technology in early education.

Check out some pictures, below! Do get in touch if you’d to feature KIBO at your own event: [email protected]rlabrobotics.com.

Posted By KinderLab Robotics On May 6, 2015

View from the classroom: Riverside Presbyterian Day School

Debbie Rogers is the Director of Instructional Digital Design at the Riverside Presbyterian Day School in Jacksonville, Florida. She kindly took the time to speak with us about her class and how her students are working with KIBO. Debbie came across KinderLab Robotics and KIBO following the introduction of Scratch Jr. to her school. After Read More

Posted By KinderLab Robotics On May 5, 2015

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Posted By KinderLab Robotics On May 4, 2015

Robotics for kids: KinderLab Robotics’ CEO featured in Harvard Magazine

A recent edition of Harvard Magazine featured an excellent, in-depth article on computing in the classroom. Our CEO and co-founder Mitch Rosenberg was inspired to respond to their editorial team. Mitch, just like the rest of the team here at KinderLab Robotics, agrees with the author, Sophia Nguyen, that the classroom ‘should be no less mechanized than the kitchen’. This is the domain of robotics: an Read More

Posted By KinderLab Robotics On April 28, 2015

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