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Posted By KinderLab Robotics On May 27, 2015

Today’s tour guide is KIBO! A look around the KinderLab Robotics’ new headquarters

You may remember our big news from earlier in the year when we moved into our first manufacturing headquarters. You can now find us just off Route 128 in Waltham, MA.

We’ve had such a great time settling into our new home, manufacturing KIBOs for kids, educators and parents worldwide, and holding in-depth training sessions and workshops.

If you would like to get a glimpse of our new headquarters, then follow KIBO for a guided tour of KinderLab Robotics!

You can learn more about our mission, KIBO and our team on our website. And remember, if you haven’t already signed up for our monthly newsletter, Child’s Play, you can sign up here.

Posted By KinderLab Robotics On May 21, 2015

Blog poll: Is it important to you that your children learn STEAM, rather than just STEM?

Posted By KinderLab Robotics On May 19, 2015

Introducing STEM in an early childhood classroom – a free webinar!

CEO and co-founder Mitch Rosenberg will be hosting a FREE interactive webinar for any educators and program coordinators committed to K-2 education.

Posted By KinderLab Robotics On May 12, 2015

Blog poll: How proactive are you in your child’s STEM education?

Posted By Marina Umaschi Bers On May 7, 2015

KIBO takes on the Cambridge Science Festival

Being based in Massachusetts has loads of benefits. Certainly not the least of which is all of the great tech events surrounding us. Last week, KIBO ‘took curiosity to the next level’ at the 2015 Cambridge Science Festival. The week-long event is the first of its kind in the U.S. and brings together many STEM leaders. Read More