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KIBO is a 2017 Parents' Choice Award® winner!

We are excited to announce that KIBO is a GOLD winner in the Toy category!

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Teacher Materials

Curriculum and Teacher Materials to Ensure KIBO Success

When you make the commitment to purchase KIBO for your young learners, we want to ensure you’re successful bringing robotics into your classroom.

The KIBO Curriculum integrates:

– Computational thinking (Programming)
– The Engineering Design Process (Building)
– Integration component (Curricular Theme)

Our comprehensive set of curriculum materials supports you in every way. You’ll get easy to implement lesson plans and fun play-based activities to introduce KIBO and build students’ basic engineering and programming skills; but you’ll also get support in integrating robotics into your classroom with a wide range of cross-curricular connections to literacy, community, dance, science, and more! We are offer various Professional Development, including training, lesson plan development and curriculum integration.

Curriculum Book Image

Curriculum Book

To help you get started right away

Our comprehensive, research-based Curriculum Book “Creating with KIBO,” offers up to 40 hours of curriculum working with your KIBO. Creating with KIBO introduces the concepts of programming, sensing, robotics and the engineering design process in the PreK to 2 classroom.

Activity Guide Image

Activity Guide Cards

Get the excitement going with these activities

A set of 11 unique activity cards to help introduce teachers and students to each of the components of KIBO robotics and to engage children in fun learning challenges.

Kibo Says Image

KIBO Says – Class Programming Game

Let’s have some fun with KIBO

Just like Simon Says, get Children to play with their robot while learning KIBO’s programming commands with the KIBO Says game cards.

Poster Image

KIBO and Engineering Design Process Poster

Because who doesn’t like pretty posters?

These Engineering Design Process Posters help teachers teach the parts of KIBO and the engineering design process.

The below materials are best to purchase one per student as they monitor growth and overall knowledge of KIBO.

Assessment Packs Image

Assessment Packs

Time to see what the kids know about their robot

These Assessment Packs help teachers evaluate student learning with KIBO with a focus on programming and robotics concepts and the engineering design process. These assessments, in the form of fun story problems with stickers that children need to solve, help teachers address student learning and outcomes.

Engineering Design Image

Engineering Design Journals

The easy way to learn engineering design processes

The Engineering Design Journal helps students review and follow the six different steps of the engineering design process and helps them organize their work with KIBO robotics around the different steps. The design journal is useful for documenting the processes, assessing student knowledge, and sharing student work with parents. It is recommended one design journal per student.

Teaching Materials Package

Need it all?

We are also happy to offer a Teaching Material Package that provides all the materials above in one complete package to help get your started.

Need More Resources?

Learn from your fellow educators

Be sure to check out our Resources site to learn more about what other educators are doing with KIBO in their classrooms. We would love to hear from you too! Submit you own resources today!

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