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KIBO Curriculum Resources

Welcome to the support page for KinderLabs’ curriculum offerings. This page collects the videos, links, and other resources mentioned in our curriculum booklets to make it easier for you to use. It also provides information on standards alignment.

Curriculum Book ImageWe love to help teachers implement KIBO! Please check out our whole Teaching Materials catalog and our Professional Development offerings. You may also be interested in the 15 years of research that supports KIBO.

And we’d love to hear from you too! If you have ideas, experiences, or activities you’d like to share, please visit our KIBO Resources website. You can share your stories and read stories from other educators.

The KIBO Zoo

The KIBO Zoo is a “ready to run” 6-8 hr unit, broken into 4 lessons. This is a shorter unit compared to our main curriculum booklet, Creating with KIBO. The activities are integrated around an animals theme. Our goal with The KIBO Zoo is to help teachers get started with KIBO. The 20-minute video to the right introduces KIBO and provides and overview of the KIBO Zoo curriculum.

Download The KIBO Zoo (3mb PDF)


Here are all of the videos referenced in our curriculum booklets.

KIBO Dances the Hokey Pokey

The Robot Parts song

KIBO Tutorial Videos

For tips on scanning, programming, and the individual blocks and parts, check out the KIBO tutorial videos on our Tutorials page.


The following links are mentioned in our curriculum guides. These links are not affiliated with KinderLab; they’re just helpful resources for explaining some KIBO-related concepts.

Standards Alignment

Our curriculum guides include alignment to Common Core and to evolving engineering and CS standards. We are actively expanding our library of standards mappings for our curriculum. Below are additional mappings that may be helpful for you:

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