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Creating an Activity Center or Makerspace?

Announcing our newest curriculum guide to help you set up a KIBO activity center in a classroom, library, or makerspace,

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IMG_0166When developing curriculum for KIBO, our goal is to facilitate the integration of STEM concepts and skills, in particular those that are most relevant to programming and engineering, with other curricular areas in the early childhood classroom.

Our curriculum units are designed for a minimum of 20 hours work in the classrooms and are aimed at children in Pre-K to 2. They are aligned with Common Core frameworks in math and literacy, as well as introduce powerful ideas around the concepts of engineering design process, computational thinking and problem solving.

Our curriculum units involve both step by step guidelines for introducing KIBO robotics in the classroom, for developing a final project, for organizing the KIBO materials, for classroom management, for forming working teams, for integrating the arts, singing and movement, as well as assessments. Our units are organized around different themes that are central to the early childhood classroom.

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