Looking for STEM Robotics to Teach Coding?

Discover how KIBO enriches STEM education and nurtures computational thinking in young learners through hands-on coding and robotics. Learn more about the importance of teaching coding to elementary students with STEM robotics kits.

STEM Robotics for Kids - KIBO

    Meet KIBO

    KIBO, STEM robotics for elementary students, enables your Preschool, PreK, and elementary-aged students to build, program, decorate and bring their own robot to life!

    Introduce KIBO educational robots to your young learners to foster the development of their STEAM and computational thinking abilities through play, collaboration, and active learning.

    Backed by over 20 years of early childhood STEM research, KIBO empowers children to innovate, design, and code using robotics.

    KinderLab Robotics, the early childhood STEM company, is committed to providing universal STEM learning to all learners.

    Why KIBO?

    • Engaging STEAM Learning Through Play

      KIBO coding robots for the classroom seamlessly integrates into any subject or activity such as math, science, literacy, music, dance, arts, crafts, storytelling, natural sciences, and social studies, bringing your lessons to life! See some of the early childhood STEM lessons to see KIBO in action.
    • Screen-Free Programming Fun

      With the KIBO classroom robotics kit, children’s creativity shines without relying on screens or keyboards like PCs, tablets, or smartphones.
    • Coding Made Playful and Tangible

      Children use programmable wooden building blocks to code KIBO, creating sequences that brings their robot to life. Combined with arts and crafts, KIBO transforms into anything they can imagine.
    • Teach Kids Coding – For All Young Learners

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      • Robotics for PreK students
      • Robotics for Kindergarten
      • Robotics for Elementary-aged kids