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Connecting with KIBO – Using KIBO in Blended and Distance Learning

KIBO can help you meet your early childhood STEM and CS goals in these challenging times.

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Blended Learning with KIBO

Child and adult using KIBOKIBO is a wonderfully flexible educational tool, supporting hands-on engagement in the classroom and at-home work supported by parents and caregivers.

As we consider the future of schooling – during COVID-19 closures and beyond – we need to look at new models like distance learning and blended learning. But in all these new models, “learning” remains the most important word! Young children learn best through play and movement, social engagement, in a screen-free environment, and interaction with manipulatives. Early childhood educators have a special challenge to maintain these practices even as schooling moves outside of the traditional classroom. The resources below will help you use KIBO to reach these goals.

Connecting with KIBO Whitepaper

Connecting with KIBO

Looking for guidance on how to implement a distance or blended learning program with KIBO? Our new whitepaper, Connecting with KIBO, outlines the benefits of providing access to robotics for young children and models for how to teach screen-free computer science and coding despite school closures. The whitepaper includes sample lessons and suggestions for using KIBO regardless of the setting: remote learning by videoconference, blended learning in reduced-occupancy classrooms, and parent/caregiver-facilitated learning at home.

Blended Learning Curriculum Bundle

For schools considering implementation of a home-based KIBO rotation program, KinderLab has created a convenient package of curriculum and professional development. The KIBO Blended Learning Curriculum Bundle, priced at $499, supports five KIBOs when rotating between students. This collection of teaching materials supports teacher-led, child-directed, and parent-supported playful learning. One hour of live video training is included, giving teachers the preparation they need to implement this model.

Blended Learning Webinar

In this on-demand webinar recording titled How Can I Use KIBO in Blended or Distance Learning, hear from two leading STEM educators from Boston Public Schools and The Agnes Irwin School on their practical suggestions and concrete advice on how to incorporate hands-on, screen-free robotics with KIBO into a distance- or blended-learning model for creative STEAM education both at home and at school. Learn how KIBO can help you meet your early childhood STEM and computer science goals in these challenging times.

KIBO Home Robotics Course

Making resources and materials available to students at home, despite differences in technology access, is one of the challenges of implementing blended learning. With KIBO, schools can still provide a hands-on, creative STEAM resource on a rotating model, along with parent/caregiver-supporting materials. Our KIBO Home Robotics Course, a three-month rental program, is an economical and easy-to-manage way to provide KIBO to student homes. Contact us to discuss options for school- or district-wide adoption of this program.

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