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Posted On November 18, 2017 in Media Coverage

Savings with Denise: KIBO 21 Robot Kit

Savings with Denise reviewed KIBO. Check out her review here: “The wonderful world of engineering with children and inspiring them to continue their STEM education. We are always drawn to tools that make teaching engineering concepts more engaging and hands on for children …The KIBO robot does just that.“

Posted On November 17, 2017 in Media Coverage

Tech Age Kids: ‘Coding as a Playground’ Teaches Coding as a New Literacy

In this book review, Tech Age Kids read and reviewed Marina Umashci Bers’ book Coding as a Playground. Coding as a Playgrounds represents the idea that the act of learning to code should become a new literacy for modern children. Bers argues that learning to code is as important as learning your ABCs and 123s. Read More

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eSchoolNews: 3 Reasons to Introduce Kindergarteners to Robots

Three teachers share their thoughts and experiences on implementing coding and robotics in early education. The young children they teach were born with technology as a part of their lives. They don’t know a world without touchscreen phones and computers in every room. In today’s world, saying that subjects like coding and robotics “are for Read More

Posted On November 15, 2017 in Press Releases

KinderLab Robotics Announces New Marker Extension Set for KIBO Robot Kit

New accessory enables young children to program their KIBO robot to draw, developing STEAM skills (Waltham, MA) November 15, 2017 — KinderLab Robotics has expanded its KIBO™ family of products by announcing the new Marker Extension Set, which enables the KIBO robot to draw as it moves. Children using KIBO can use code to create Read More

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First Time Father Project: Robotic Toys Benefit Children During Important Growth Stages

The First Time Father Project discusses the timeline of how toys have grown through the ages. With today’s integration of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) in all aspects of education, interest in robotic toys is at all-time high. The US Department of Commerce reports that STEM-related occupations are growing at nearly 20% annually, compared Read More