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Posted On July 24, 2018 in Media Coverage

WBZ Radio: Tomorrow’s Technology Today – Mitch Rosenberg Interview

Our CEO, Mitch Rosenberg, was interviewed during the July 24th “Tomorrow’s Technology Today” segment discussing the KIBO robot and all it can offer young learners! Listen in on the interview where Mitch explains the importance of coding and digital literacy for young learners.

Posted On July 17, 2018 in Media Coverage

Electronics 360: Watch: New Throwing Arm for the KIBO Robot

Electronics 360 writes of the new release of the Free Throw™, a throwing-arm attachment for the KIBO robot. This arm allows the KIBO robot to toss ping pong-sized balls. This Extension Set encourages learning of forces, motion, and energy in a playful and fun way. Read on for the full article.

Posted On July 4, 2018 in Media Coverage

Apolitical: Meet the robots teaching Singapore’s kids tech

We are thrilled KIBO has been a part of Singapore’s students’ success in learning STEM without screen time! “By programming the robots to complete simple tasks…children between four and seven can learn the basics of engineering and sequencing.” Read on for full article.

Posted On June 27, 2018 in Media Coverage

Reviewed Parenting: 16 incredible STEM toys that every child will want

See the recent review of KIBO (#5 in the list) to read what the reviewer thought of KIBO. See the video of KIBO in action. We are thrilled to be a part of the mix! The article reads in part: “KIBO is the only robot kit on the market that enables young kids to build, Read More

Posted On June 25, 2018 in Media Coverage

Technology & Learning: Make the Most of Your Budget with These Great Products: Makerspace Product Roundup 2018

KIBO is included in the “Technology & Learning: Make the Most of Your Budget with These Great Products: Makerspace Product Roundup 2018”. The article describes products that are the perfect fit for making and makerspaces in schools. These products help extend the offerings in makerspaces and enable students to make connections between the curriculum and Read More