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Posted On August 15, 2018 in Blog

Robots in Early Learning – Coding Teaches the Literacy of the 21st Century

In this new blog series, we share key reasons why robotics should be incorporated in early learning classrooms. In this blog, we are focusing on Key #1 – Coding Teaches the Literacy of the 21st Century. Keep an eye out for subsequent blogs on the importance of robots in early learning with STEAM learning tools! Read More

Posted On August 2, 2018 in Blog

View from the Classroom – Using Programmable Robots with Young Learners

Robin Ricketts, Computational Thinking and Robotics Teacher from The Steward School in Richmond, VA shared her experience using KIBO during second grade Greek Mythology instruction entitled “Greek Gods and Robots”. In using KIBO, the programmable robot for kids, Robin witnessed the success of this Greek project for their students. “We wanted to plan an experience Read More

Posted On July 25, 2018 in Media Coverage

SmartBrief: Grow SEL Skills Through Robotics

In this SmartBrief, Inc. article, “Grow SEL skills through robotics“, Bryan Flaig discusses how Computer Science and SEL skills go hand-in-hand. Bryan states, “When working with robotics, I also see students develop basic problem-solving skills, which contribute to building their social-emotional intelligence. Do they hit a place in the task where they feel frustrated or Read More

Posted On July 24, 2018 in Media Coverage

WBZ Radio: Tomorrow’s Technology Today – Mitch Rosenberg Interview

Our CEO, Mitch Rosenberg, was interviewed during the July 24th “Tomorrow’s Technology Today” segment discussing the KIBO robot and all it can offer young learners! Listen in on the interview where Mitch explains the importance of coding and digital literacy for young learners.

Posted On July 17, 2018 in Media Coverage

Electronics 360: Watch: New Throwing Arm for the KIBO Robot

Electronics 360 writes of the new release of the Free Throw™, a throwing-arm attachment for the KIBO robot. This arm allows the KIBO robot to toss ping pong-sized balls. This Extension Set encourages learning of forces, motion, and energy in a playful and fun way. Read on for the full article.