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Writing a grant? We can assist.

Use the benefits summary describing KIBO being used in early childhood education.

Download the Executive Summary >

Grants and Funding

How to get funding for bringing KIBO into your school or center?

There are different ways to get funding for initiating a KIBO robotics program in your school or center. Here are some resources that teachers and parents have used in the past:

National Support:

Offers programs to support STEM in the classroom with a research component associated to it.

State and District Support:

Different states and districts have their own sources for getting funding for STEM related programs in the form of grants.

School Support:

Different school systems have ways for funding innovative programs, through educational foundations, special grants and dedicated budgets.

PTA Fundraising:

Each school has a local parent association that can organize and support fundraising events to buy KIBO kits.


High tech companies are interested in supporting STEM programs to cultivate their future workforce. Many of those have associated foundations or a corporate giving program.

Crowd Funding:

There are also crowd funding sources where educators can request assistance in purchasing products such as KIBO. Check out Adopt A Classroom, Digital Wish, Donors Choose (submit a Special Request project!), and PledgeCents.

Grant and Funding Resources Include:


We can help!

Most of the time, organizations that give grants, will ask you for an executive summary about the benefits of introducing robotics, most specifically, KIBO, in early childhood education. Click here for a document that can be helpful (.pdf). Feel free to adapt to your own needs.

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