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KIBO is a 2017 Parents' Choice Award® winner!

We are excited to announce that KIBO is a GOLD winner in the Toy category!

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Extensions and More!

There is more to KIBO than meets the eye!

KIBO KidsThe KIBO robot comes with a standard set of parts (see our compare chart). Learn more about KIBO, its parts and add-ons that will make it the best robot for you and your young learners.

  • Sensors
  • Modules
  • Building Brick Extension Kits
  • Programming Blocks
  • Parameters

And don’t forget our teaching materials and curriculum guides!


KIBO has 3 different sensors to make KIBO come alive with “feeling”

With these sensors, KIBO will be able to sense its surroundings:
Sensor Image


KIBO gets to have a little fun with these modules

Let creativity shine with these modules that further enhance KIBO:
Module Image

  • Lightblub Module – Lights up in 3 different colors for visual excitement.
  • Expression Module – Supports a variety of literacy activities and allows children to express themselves. Includes KIBO Whiteboard, Dry-erase marker, Flagpole, and Spacer.
  • Sound Record/Playback Module – Give KIBO a voice! Explore literacy and language development, bilingual education, music, and more! Includes Sound Record/Playback Module and 3 Playback programming blocks.
  • Motor Module – Not only does the motor run the wheels, but it can be used to spin the turntable art platform!
  • Stage Art Platform – Provides a platform for decorating KIBO.
  • Turntable Art Platform – A creative platform that also spins, furthering the KIBO fun.

Build Brick Extension Kits

Let’s build your KIBO up!

KIBO Building Brick Extension Sets allow children to expand their KIBO by building with the world’s most popular building bricks, including LEGO®, directly onto KIBO’s body.
Building Block Image

  • Building Brick Extension Set (Basic) – This set includes four building brick bases that fit into the four module ports on KIBO’s body. Students can use one, two, three, or all four of these building brick bases to build fabulous structures onto their KIBO body.
  • Building Brick Extension Set (Deluxe)* – This set includes four building brick bases that fit into the four module ports on KIBO’s body, plus a purple building brick version for KIBO’s Art Platform. Students can make a stationary or spinning building brick creation with the two-­sided purple Art Platform.
    * Extension for KIBO 14, 18, and 21 Robots only

Programming Blocks

If you scan it, KIBO will do it

With these programming wooden blocks, children scan their program and tell KIBO what to do. By connecting the wooden blocks they are building a sequence of instructions, with a beginning and an end. When finished, they watch their KIBO come alive! Programming Wooden Blocks include:
Wooden Block Image


Allows Programming Flexibility

Parameters are limits that KIBO will follow, which allow additional functionality and programming:
Parameter Image

  • For Repeats – To be used with the Repeat and End Repeat Programming Blocks. Parameters include 2X, 3X, 4X, Forever, Until Dark, Until Light, Until Near, and Until Far.
  • For Ifs – To be used with the If and End If Programming Blocks. Parameters include Dark, Light, Near, and Far.

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