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STEM Activities for Early Learners

For young learners, robotics can introduce STEM concepts to them in a playful way, thereby encouraging them to be excited about further exploration in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The KIBO robot can be used in so many different ways – sky’s the limit! Below are some ideas of STEM activities for early learners that truly brings out fun and playful nature of KIBO.

Some Fun KIBO Ideas and Lesson Plans!

KIBO Bowling

stem activities for elementaryCrash! How far does KIBO have to move to get from the start of the bowling lane to the pins? Students will use prediction, estimation and measurement to create a program to travel the length of the lane. They’ll test how far a single forward block carries KIBO, then improve their programs using the Engineering Design Process. Who can knock their pins down the fastest?

KIBO Dance Party

stem activities for elementaryLet’s have a KIBO Robot dance party! Set up a music player to play a favorite classroom song, or a song connected to a world culture you’re exploring. Students will decorate their KIBO and create a program to teach their KIBO to dance to the music. Students will learn how to create a program to express an idea (in this case, a dance), with a focus on sequencing ability. Create your own Dance Party Today!


stem activities for elementaryWhat zoo animal can the kids create? Have they just been to the zoo and want to learn more about their favorite animal? KIBO can be decorated as zoo animal the child is learning about or is interested in, They can create their ‘habitat” and program their KIBO to act as that animal. What is your favorite animal?

KIBO Community

stem activities for elementaryUsing a community type floor map, or the children can create their own map, they can turn their KIBO into a ‘car’ or ‘bus’ and make their way from one part of the community to another. They can reenact the bus picking them up and bringing them to school. Students begin to learn how their lives relate to a larger community and a larger world. Where will your bus go?

KIBO Off-Road

stem activities for elementaryKIBO can be turned into a off-road vehicle! Kids can even create their own off-road course and see how their KIBO Off-road vehicle can maneuver around the course! In What if KIBO could explore these ups and downs too? How can we build slopes, and how do slopes change KIBO’s movement? What type of off-road course can you create?

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