Smart Toys for Kids

Smart Toys for Kids

Looking for smart toys for kids this year?

Meet KIBO by KinderLab, a robot kit for young children. With KIBO, children build their own robot using computer science, program it to do what they want, and decorate it.

What Kids & Teachers Say About KIBO

Kids Say...

“Look, look what I did. I made it myself!”

“It is not a robot. It is something that you can program to do what you want. It is much better!”

Teachers Say...

“I loved it (KIBO), the design of it in particular, it was very clean, very clear, and so that focus on programming is going to definitely translate. If I put this block here, this happens.”

“I liked it (KIBO) because it is very versatile, it is like a platform for staging something, I think that's really cool.”