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Media Coverage

Posted By christina On May 22, 2019

JCDS Nitzotzot: Coding – The New Literacy

In the Spring edition of JCDS’ Nitzotzot, the “Coding: The New Literacy” article describes how they are using KIBO and ScratchJr to introduce students to coding as a literacy vs. just learning programming and robotics.

The article reads in part, “Students learn best when solving authentic problems and engaging in project-based learning. Coding is not just about STEM-coding is about expressing the human beings, which includes the Jewish Identity.” Said one teacher, “It is amazing to see how much students learned on their own and how much they learned from trial and error.”

See the full article.

Posted By christina On April 27, 2019

Wanderful Memories: Robot Fun – Exploring With KIBO

Wanderful Memories took the time over the holiday season to review KIBO and provided this blog and a series of videos their 3 children using the robot. Their review concluded: “We LOVED it!! As creative as the boys are and something different for them to do, we highly recommend KIBO. It is so nice to Read More

Posted By christina On April 15, 2019

Little Steps: 15 Amazing STEM Toys In Singapore

Check out the Little Steps Singapore article listing of the top 15 amazing STEM toys In Singapore that are “Game Changers Among Toys”! The article reads: “STEM & STEAM have proved to be the best route towards balanced education because they give kids the most comprehensive basis to build upon. We have written about STEM Read More

Posted By christina On March 28, 2019

THE Journal: Teaching STEAM without Screens

See the article entitled, “Teaching STEAM without Screens”, where Kitty Rea, from Ms. Kitty’s Harmony Road School, shares how she taught her K–4 students STEAM without using screens to learn about gray whale migration. Using KIBO, the lesson came alive! Kitty goes on to describe the planning on this research project during her STEAM camp, which covered Read More

Posted By christina On March 27, 2019

BBC: RoboLife Documentary

In this BBC World Programme Documentary, RoboLife, the reporter, Mariko Oi investigates the use of robotics with young children and the elderly in Singapore and Japan. She sets off to find out just what these machines are being used for, why we need them, and what they’re really capable of. The documentary follows Mariko to Read More