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KIBO On-Demand Webinars

Below you will find a collection of KIBO On-Demand Webinars where you can learn more about KIBO. Some videos require registration to view. If you have ideas for additional webinars, get in touch!

Storytelling with KIBO: Meeting Early Literacy Milestones with Robotics

How Can I Use KIBO Hands-on Robotics in Blended or Distance Learning?

Incorporating Creative Robotics into your Technology Strategy for PreK-5th Grade

KIBO Projects at Home: STEAM Robotics to Engage Your Young Learners Out of School

STEAM Learning Through Play – An Introduction to KIBO

Build. Art. Code. Play. Integrating Robotics within K- 2 Curriculum Webinar

Intoduce Fun and Playful STEM Robotics in Your Afterschool Program

Ready for Robotics? Addressing the Missing “T” and “E” of STEM in Early Education

Early Childhood Technology: Supporting Child Development with Creative Coding

K-2 and Robotics: How to Introduce STEM in Early Education

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