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KIBO On-Demand Webinars

Below you will find a collection of KIBO On-Demand Webinars where you can learn more about KIBO. Some videos require registration to view. If you have ideas for additional webinars, get in touch!

Developing Computational Thinking in Early Childhood – a Discussion with Dr. Marina Bers

Computational Thinking Webinar

How Can I Use KIBO Hands-on Robotics in Blended or Distance Learning?

Storytelling with KIBO: Meeting Early Literacy Milestones with Robotics

Incorporating Creative Robotics into your Technology Strategy for PreK-5th Grade

6 Reasons Your Educational Center Needs a KIBO Robot

6 Reasons Your Childcare Center or Preschool Needs KIBO

Build. Art. Code. Play. Integrating Robotics within K- 2 Curriculum Webinar

KIBO Projects at Home: STEAM Robotics to Engage Your Young Learners Out of School

Intoduce Fun and Playful STEM Robotics in Your Afterschool Program

STEAM Learning Through Play – An Introduction to KIBO

Ready for Robotics? Addressing the Missing “T” and “E” of STEM in Early Education

K-2 and Robotics: How to Introduce STEM in Early Education

Early Childhood Technology: Supporting Child Development with Creative Coding

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