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Posted on Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

Blog poll: Do you use robotics in teaching STEM or STEAM?

Posted on Thursday, April 9th, 2015

Brown Bear, Brown Bear: What Can You Code?

It’s National Robotics Week and to get everybody in the spirit, we thought we’d share a fun video about how our own robot kit – KIBO – has been used in the Kennedy-Longfellow Elementary School in Cambridge MA.

Sue Cusack is an assistant professor at Lesley University and has been working with Cambridge-area schools to embed learning technologies to early education classrooms.

KIBO has been used in grades K-2 in a variety of different ways. What’s so beneficial about KIBO is that it is easily integrated into existing curricula – and Kennedy-Longfellow took full advantage.

Click play below to see how kindergarteners brought the famous book, ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?’ to life; how first-graders recreated the lifecycles of frogs and butterflies; and how second graders learned about different ways worms move through various environments.

KIBO strengthened students’ knowledge of social studies, science and language arts – and gave new valuable technical skills while having fun and working with their classmates.

Posted on Monday, March 30th, 2015

View from the classroom: Kingsley Montessori School

We love connecting with our customers and hearing the ways in which KIBO has enriched the lives of their children or students. This month, we spent some time chatting with Dan Riles, the technology coordinator for the Kingsley Montessori School in Boston.

Dan teaches coding and technology on a regular basis. He happened upon KIBO while browsing Kickstarter projects, and later heard our chief-scientist, Marina,  speak at a MEMSET event. He began looking up her work with the prototype that became KIBO, and was very excited that this learning vehicle was coming to the market.

He’s now read each of Marina’s books, heard her speak and closely followed the Kickstarter campaign. “This is one of the best-designed early childhood robotics kits I have ever seen,” he said.

He’s also used Bee-Bot, but KIBO provided far greater options for separating the programming from the device, which is paramount for young children in the way they learn. He described KIBO as a much better experience for the younger set.

During a faculty meeting, Dan previewed several new technology options to the early childhood teachers, and they were thrilled by KIBO. The children and teachers both love it,” he said.

“I work in a Montessori school, and The KIBO kit aligns with the look and feel of the Montessori materials. Technology integration can be challenging in early childhood, but KIBO breaks down the barriers. It has absolutely benefitted the students and the teachers. Educators who feel uncomfortable with the subject of coding easily get involved due to its approachability and the students take to it right away,” said Dan.

That’s been the best part of the experience so far, he says — the easy entry and excitement for new and upcoming programs. The school plans to acquire more KIBO kits for the upcoming school year, so children can meet in larger groups and engage in more group activities.

Posted on Monday, March 16th, 2015

KIBO rolls around SXSWedu: Programming through play in Texas

SXSW has become a world-famous celebration of technical innovation and in 2011 the organization added a new segment – education. Innovation in education is so critical and we’ve avidly followed the SXSWedu conference since its inception four years ago. But this year is the most special of all to the team at KinderLab Robotics – its KIBO’s first time in Texas!

Our robot kit accompanied our friend Sue Cusack, the co-leader of the Kennedy-Longfellow / Lesley University partnership, to the conference. KIBO was available to children, parents and teachers in their designated maker-space and was a big hit. Attendees could customize and program a robot, then watch it come to life. It’s an honor to be featured alongside so many other fantastic ed tech products, and we hope everybody who had a chance to play and learn with KIBO walked away smiling.

Check out this video from Lamar Library:

Posted on Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015

Blog poll: Should STEM education be incorporated into everyday curriculum for young children?